My History

I began my programming career in the fall of 1988 learning Progress V4.2 on the job. As is common with the position of "new guy", I soon learned of a variety of performance issues the users had been living with for quite some time. Not being satisfied with my manager's answer of "Progress is just slow" I decided to learn everything I could about performance tuning.

This shortly led to the addition of Progress DBA and Xenix administrator to my job title and also a lifelong fascination (obsession?) with performance. I have continued to work as a Progress DBA and developer using every major release of Progress (V4-V11) on a variety of operating systems and database sizes.


I offer remote and on site consulting for performance tuning, business continuity, disaster recovery, mentoring, Progress upgrades, hardware sizing and short term DBA assistance. At the current time I do not provide full 24/7 managed DBA services.

If you are in need of managed DBA services you can't go wrong with DBAppraise. The founders Tom Bascom and Adam Backman are universally accepted as experts in the Progress world.

Contact Information

For questions about my availability, rates, questions about or issues with the tools available on this site feel free to email me at

If you have general questions about Progress or tuning advice you can still email me, but depending on my schedule you may be better served posting your questions at Progress Talk or the Progress Community Forums. I frequent both as often as I can and other people that I consider Progress experts do as well.