OpenEdge Forums

Progress Talk
A small but very helpful community focusing on OpenEdge but not owned or controlled by the Progress Corporation.

Progress Community Forums
The official Progress Corporation discussion forums for all of their products.

OE Hive
Home to a variety of tools, code samples, design concepts and other helpful information.

OpenEdge Documentation

OpenEdge Documentation
Documentation index of various OpenEdge versions.

Helpful Utilities

Widely regarded as the best real time OpenEdge database monitoring tool available.

Profiler Control Tool
A Windows based tool to analyze the results of a profiled OpenEdge session. Allows you to easily see where your code is spending its time on a line by line basis.

Practical Database Administration
A shameless link back to my own set of tools available for download.

Progress Knowledge Base

Progress KB
Progress support knowledge base containing known bugs, solutions to various error messages and frequently asked questions about Progress.